bob真人: STE


School of Integrated Circuits (Artificial Intelligence)

The School of Integrated Circuits (Artifical Intelligence) is a subordinate secondary school of Beijing Polytechnic. At present, there are 71 teachers, including 3 professors, 19 associate professors and 7 doctors. More than 50% of the professional teachers have international vocational qualification certificates. Currently,the School has five majors: Computer Application Technology, Computer Network Technology, Massive Date Technology, Electronic Information Engineering Technology, and Modern Communication Technology. The School has nearly 100 laboratories, labs for practical training, practical training bases and off-campus practice bases, which can meet the needs of students’ skill training, productive practical training and post practice. The School actively promotes in-depth cooperation with enterprises, aiming at a win-win situation. It has established a wide range of cooperative relationships with many large enterprises, including including Cisco, Qi-ANXIN, including Cisco, Qi-Anxin, Join-Cheer, and Pactera.The specialties’group on big data has been approved as a high-level specialties’group with distinctive features in Beijing.

(Update  Aug 15, 2022)